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NEC Phone Systems

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Discover The NEC Business Phone System with Advanced Features

NEC SL1100

The NEC SL1100 phone system can grow from 4 incoming line X 8 digital station ports X 4 analog station ports for single line phones or fax machines and expands to a maximum of 120 extensions of which 72 can be multi-line terminals.  The system can be expanded to a maximum of 36 analog trunks, 48 PRI/T1 trunks, or 32 (SIP) trunks.  The actual expansion depends on the number of KSU's and the type of PCB's installed.

  SL1100 Features

include Music on Hold Paging, VoIP, Caller ID, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Networking, remote programming and many other features are also available.

NEC Starter Kits any Business Can Afford

SL1100 with 3 Phones

NEC1100 with 3 Phones $749.00
With Voice Mail $1299.00

NEC1100 with 6 Phones and Voice Mail $1569.00

NEC1100 with 6 IP Phones and Voice Mail $2249.00

NEC1100 with 6 Phones and Voice Mail $2249.00

NEC SL1100 Phones

NEC SL1100 Phones

Two digital phones are available for the NEC SL1100.  A 12-Button and a 24-Button phone with display, speaker phone, back lit display, and built in wall mounting kit.

SL1100 Cordless Phone

SL1100 Cordless Phone

2 line/24 character backlit display (with feature icons), Backlit keypad, 8 Programmable keys with LEDs, Headset port, Selectable ring tones. Complete phone includes receiver/transmitter charging base, phone, cables, and power supplies

SL1100 Voice Mail

SL1100 Voice Mail

InMail is more than just a regular voicemail box. Packed with powerful business features, this is a solution to make keeping up to date easier than ever.

SL1100 VoIP


The NEC SL1100 supports what is known as VoIP extensions and SIP Trunking.  VoIP Extensions are most cost effective when a phone or phones are needed at a second office location or an associates home.  The VoIP extension connects to the phone system via the internet.  SIP Trunking is a phone line with an associated phone number from a service provider that connects to the phone system over the internet.

SL1100 Expansion Cards

NEC SL1100 Expansion Cards

Additional expansion cards available to expand incoming lines, phones, IP phones, add a T1/PRI circuit, and a KSU interface card.


Click here to find out how EZ the installation of an NEC SL1100 can be for a do-it-your-selfer with the appropriate wiring skills like the ability to make and terminate computer network cables.

E System Sales, Inc. provides replacement phones, expansion cards, and control units for most any NEC Phone System new or discontinued.

NEC Aspire
NEC Aspire Phone 22-Button Display Phone New or Refurbished with Free PDF Phone Manual $159.00

NEC DS2000

NEC Elite IPK 8 Button Display Phone Refurbished DTH-8D-1

NEC 22 Button Display Phone with Caller ID

NEC SV8100 Phones
DTL-24D-1 Phone - Click Image to Close

NEC UX5000
NEC DG-12e Phone - Click Image to Close



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