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Phone Systems Services

E System Sales, Inc Business Phones Phone Systems Service

The main goal of E System Sales, Inc. is to provide our business customers with affordable business phone systems at an extremely reasonable cost with service and support second to none.

At E System Sales, Inc. we provide service and support to a nationwide audience of customers and clients, providing all types of installation services from computer network, telephone wiring & cabling, phone system installation, and telephone system programming and training.

Basically if you have purchased a phone system from E System Sales, Inc. we will program it for free provide 60 days of updates, we will support it and provide training as long as you own the phone system. 

When purchasing a phone system keep in mind a phone system is a phone system.  We suggest you purchase a phone system manufactured by a name brand phone system manufacturer like NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, and Toshiba as they do not fail.  It is all about the price and who you feel comfortable doing business with.

Before You Buy a Phone System

Choose a Business Phone System Dealer Carefully.

As we are a Business Phone System dealer based on the internet we receive a lot of calls from businesses that purchase a phone system from a vender and they are unhappy for the reason that they have to pay so much money for services performed after the phone system has been installed.  When you purchase a phone system from E System Sales, inc. we answer all questions and provide programming changes on system starting at $199 a year.

Also.  We have found that most Business Phone System dealers are only interested in servicing the phone systems that they sell.  This makes it more difficult to find a dealer to service a phone system that has been previously installed by another dealer

ESSI Business Phone Products

Instead of pricing a phone system together with individual parts that in the long run might not work for you or grow to meet your potential growth needs, we have affordable starter kits and system bundles.  This is how we have made purchasing a business phone system EZ. After careful consideration we have assembled many different phone system starter kits and system bundles that will meet the needs of most small to mid sized business that will meet your company's growth rate to as many as 96 telephones X 48 incoming lines. 

We have been tremendously successful with the NEC phone systems in a business environment as the NEC has a lot of great business features like call forwarding from a voice mail or automated attendant greeting.  Panasonic has a great phone system for smaller applications like restaurants, small stores, and is a great home phone system that has a Public Address system for paging through all telephones in the house.  the Vodavi is also a great phone system to meet the needs of small business with the need of less system features.

E System Sales, Inc. has most every business phone product available from replacement phones, system hardware, and complete phone system starter kits and system bundles from most manufacturers.  E System Sales, Inc. works with warehouses all over the company that are full of most every brand of business phones and equipment.

Telephone Wiring Installation Chicago

Specializing in new Telephone Wiring Installations in the Chicago and surrounding areas of Illinois.

Typically wiring for phones are run from what is know as the MPO or the Phone Closet to the desk or work station location where a phone is needed.

The most cost effective cable to use for standard telephones and IP phones are the Cat5 cabling. The Cat5 Cable consists of 4 pairs of wires. Each phone typically will use one pair of wires. This means that 4 phones can be run on one Cat 5 cable run.

A typical length of a run that will support one phone is not longer then 1000'. If phones are needed at a greater length consider an IP phone with a VPN network.

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